Understanding Alcoholism: How To Help A Loved One With An Addiction

Do you have a loved one who is currently addicted to alcohol? You may have watched their self-destructive behavior for quite some time and are concerned about their well-being. Some people drink alcohol heavily and do not realize they have a problem. While it is important for your loved one to be willing to admit they have an addiction, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to seek help from a professional treatment center.

Speak Privately About Your Feelings

The first thing you can do is ask to speak with your loved one privately so that he or she may be more willing to open up with you about their addiction. You could tell this person that you have noticed their erratic behavior and binge drinking and that you are truly concerned for them. You may not know what kind of reaction to expect. Some people get upset when they are confronted about their addictions while others breakdown and want to talk about it with someone they can trust.

If you are willing to talk privately about the matter, your loved one may want to open up and talk about what is going on in their life that is causing them to drink so heavily. Many people consume alcoholic beverages for fun, but others do it to mask their feelings. They want to feel numb to what is going on around them, and alcohol helps them achieve that. However, there are other ways to cope with stress and upset feelings, so it is important for you to let your loved one know how you feel when you can talk to them alone.

Consider Setting Up an Intervention

If your loved one does not seek help after the two of you have talked privately, you may want to consider setting up an intervention. During the intervention, you could gather several family members of your loved one to sit together and discuss how they feel about what is going on. It is important for everyone to be warm and welcoming instead of cold, hostile, or even downright mean. Instead of judging your loved one, they should talk about how concerned they are because they have so much love for this person and would never want something bad to happen to them.

During the intervention, it is important to recommend an alcohol rehab treatment center. While it is up to your loved one to decide whether he or she will get help or not, doing some research on treatment centers and providing options to the individual could encourage them to actually want to seek help from people who care and want to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from an alcohol addiction.

An addiction to alcohol is just as serious as any other addiction. It can take over a person's life and put them in a bad place. However, it is possible to become sober with the right help. If you need help for a loved one, make sure to take a gentle approach and recommend a treatment center. For more information, contact local professionals like Pacific Ridge.